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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q) Why should I build with steel?
A) Strength  –  Steel buildings can support higher loads because the structural components do not expand, contract, or warp over time like wooden components. Expansion, Contraction and Warping can weaken the structure’s overall integrity.

Durability – Steel does not succumb to structural deterioration, dry rot, infestation or fire like alternative construction materials.

Maintenance – Steel buildings require much less maintenance which reduces costs.
Steel buildings also offer longer life cycles.


Q) How does the cost of a steel building compare against buildings made with other materials?
A) System-built steel buildings are among the lowest cost to construct due to the relative price stability of materials, reduced maintenance, and lower insurance premiums.

Q) How will my steel building be constructed?
A) Depending on the scale of the project, steel buildings can be built with or without a professional contractor. MBSC Direct provides simple yet detailed building instructions allowing for clients to construct their own buildings. Larger projects are often beyond the scope of most individuals so bringing a general contractor on to the project usually makes sense.

Q) How much will it cost to ship a steel building?
A) MBSC Direct has shipping points across the country, which minimizes the shipping distance and cost of freight. Be sure to ask about our Express Shipping!

Q) Can I customize my steel building?
A) Yes. Our building systems allow for customization of any project*, allowing for a wide variety of styles, finishes, trims, and colors to give you a full spectrum of customization options.

*Customization is not available on MBSC Direct Specials